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 The project Corey Feldman Facts is the brain child of Stacey Thomas and Kim Sterne. Coming from a perspective of being on both sides of the fence, we wanted at first to give people a place to come where they could find any and all information in one place. Corey Feldman is a walking contradiction, this much by now should be obvious to anyone, so the website was created to show the side he presents to the world, along side the bits he tends to leave out 

Real Truth


The Real Truth Documentary

It's been a common question that Feldman has been asked A LOT over the last few months, when is the documentary coming out?! We even did a recent poll to ask who people thought would release their respective documentaries first, him or us, and every single vote stated ours would be out first! Well, you wanted it, you got it!! 

February 5th 2019 Kim released the 59 minute documentary that she has worked her ass off to create for the last 2 months!! The idea originally was to do this once, to create something that could be put out for the world to see and it would answer everything anyone could ever ask, but there has been so much content to work with, it's very likely the project will be done in parts. That said, Kim did an excellent job putting this footage together and deserves full credit for putting in so much hard work!! 

The Documentary

Judy's Truth Campaign


The Interview

On March 10th 2010 the beautiful and talented Corey Haim passed away in his home. He had been unwell for a little while, but eventually pneumonia took hold and due to complications from an enlarged heart he just wasn't strong enough to fight it off. As a mother myself I can't even begin to imagine how Judy must have felt that day, my heart hurts for her. 

It would seem to be the case that before she had time to start processing what had happened, Feldman was barging in and trying to take over. Rather than allow a broken hearted mother to even try and come to terms with what had had happened, Feldman was doing the press circuit and putting on a show for the world stage. 

The last 9 years have been horrendous for Judy and the Haim family. Feldman has made it his mission to to trash Judy's name and has tried on so many occasions to tell people that she turned her back on her son when he needed her the most. The contempt I feel for Feldman is off the charts most days so i can only imagine how Judy must feel about him. The story that he expects everyone to believe now is that Charlie Sheen is guilty of abusing Corey and that Judy and anyone that she might speak to is being paid by Sheen to discredit Feldman. This whole story is now the basis for Feldman's documentary. For 9 years Judy has been terrorised by Feldman and his supporters and she has handled each encounter with dignity. It's almost 9 years to the day that her beautiful son took his last breath in her arms, and she has now chosen to break her silence. Click the link below for part one of the interview and hear in her own words exactly what she has been through over the years. Part 2 will follow on Friday. 

Judy's Truth Campaign

The One With The Emails

Picking up right where we left off in part one, Judy talks open and honestly about conversations that have taken place between herself and Feldman over the years, even going as far as to read the emails he is threatening to expose in his documentary. Hear first hand who Feldman is planning to name in that documentary and the story behind it. 

Part Two

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A gentleman by the name of Alfred Hildebrand has asked for us to spread the word about a project he is currently working on. I don't want to say too much here for right now but you can find Alfred on Twitter by clicking the link below. We are especially looking for people that have donated to any of Feldman's campaigns that may not have received their perks or didn't get a refund when requested. Your information will he kept strictly confidential.

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Exclusive interview


Witness account

 Anything I have ever written and posted for any of the multiple Corey Feldman Facts social media platforms has been thoroughly fact checked and verified before it ever gets seen publicly. Any information that has been passed on to either myself or Kim has come directly from a source that has been directly involved with Corey Feldman, or has been involved in a situation through him. Today's exclusive is no different.

It would appear that filming for Feldman's documentary began in the summer of 2018, which coincides with the time line of when he was approaching multiple people and asking them to be interviewed. I myself was approached by him directly and asked to be interviewed. Once he discovered that I lived in the UK he told me that he would arrange to conduct the interview over Skype with his producer. I walked away from supporting him before that interview ever took place, and as far as my involvement goes, the rest is history.

Rumors have been rife about who had actually agreed to be in this documentary, none of which could be verified until very recently when one lady, who was convinced she had been made to sign a NDA, came forward and openly spoke about her experience of going to LA to meet Feldman and be interviewed. I can exclusively tell you today that I have spoken to this lady in depth and she has agreed to give me a written interview so she can put her side across and make people aware of what her experience with him was like and how its left her feeling used and lied to. I also have a copy of the agreement she has signed and I have read it through multiple times. It has left me feeling uneasy, but until I get the document looked at by a lawyer I am going to refrain from sharing it publicly. That said, here is the conversation I had with Lynze, I thank her for coming forward with this story.

ST: Thanks for agreeing to chat to me today Lynze, I know it must have taken a lot for you to speak about this. I just wanna be clear before we begin, no one has approached you in regards to this prior to you deciding to speak openly about this right?

LS: I have no problem speaking with you at all. No one else has approached me at all, I did this all on my own because I don't agree with Mr Feldman and I am done with his lies.

ST: Would it be fair to assume that no one even knew you had gone to LA to film for the documentary until very recently?

LS: That is more than fair to say that no one knew I was in LA. No one knew until I came out with it.

ST: How did it come about that you were asked to be interviewed?

LS: Well he retweeted that horrible video that I made to Judy, the last video that was ever on my channel, and I need to apologize to her, I uh, don't know how to do it yet... After that that he started in with playing up on all my feelings and all that kind of stuff, then it just progressed to he was doing a documentary and did I want to be in it.

ST: So what exactly were you told the interview was for?

LS: So he told me that the interview was gonna be about cyber-bullying, the wolf pack, and Judy and just what I had gone through with her. So I went out there, of course because I didn't know he was lying.

ST: Did he give you any indication of what the wolf pack was and who was in it, did he mention any names other than Judy?

LS: He told me all about the wolf pack, who was in it, not on camera, and I actually said on camera that Bobby didn't even name the wolf pack, Greg was the one that named it. It was like a joke and it just caught on. But yeah everything was for my safety and he just kept saying that the less I knew the safer I would be, and I was like what do you mean? He just kept saying, there is more, there is more I can't say but it will be in the documentary. So I don't know what he is talking about on that front, but yes he specifically named Bobby and Suzi and Shannon. He wanted me to watch Mara, watch out for anything that had to do with Marilyn Manson and satanists, and I dunno, all kinds of crazy dumb shit that had me like really? So I don't know, I think he might be crazy for real, or just a really big narcissist. Narcissist sociopath.

ST: People that have followed Feldman since the launch of the truth campaign were lead to believe money was being raised to make a feature film about his experiences with paedophilia in Hollywood, that he wanted to make the film to expose the people that had molested him as a child. That soon changed to him making a documentary that would expose the person that hurt his late best friend Corey Haim. I think its safe to say at this point that we all know who he intends to name in this documentary, keeping your safety in mind, can you tell me anything about that, did he make any reference to this alleged incident while he was interviewing you?

LS: Oh yes he told me that Corey Haim had told him all about it, and he believes that Judy was either paid a lump sum or is still getting paid to keep her mouth shut about a certain half Mexican man raping her son, and he intended to prove it with some emails. I don't believe any of it.

ST: You recently said when you came forward that on the day you left to fly to LA you kept getting signs that you shouldn't go, can you tell us a little bit about that and why you chose to go anyway?

LS: Oh there were definite signs, as soon as I went to leave Columbia, I mean when your getting ready to go to the airport you know to take your pocket knife or what ever out of your purse. Well that was the first thing, I was detained cause I had a weapon here in my home state, and I had no idea it was in there cause I remember taking it out, yet it was still there. Then I finally get to Chicago and the flight is delayed over and over and over again until I missed it cause they kept changing it from 11:30 to 11:15 to 11:10 and I was stuck in Chicago. The second day I was in Chicago my phone got stolen, and united would not help me find it, they did not care at all. Shawn had called the Verizon store and got everything set up for me to go get my phone as soon as I got to LA.

ST: While you were stuck at the airport for 72 hours waiting for your connecting flight, did Feldman make any additional effort to ensure your comfort and safety?

LS: No he did absolutely nothing. Shawn was on the phone, he talked to Sammi, he talked to the director, never talked to Feldman, no body did anything. The airline gave me some meal vouchers and that was it. Feldman didn't do anything.

ST: OK, so you arrive at LAX and end up being greeted with a much younger person that had been sent to collect you and take you to your destination. If I remember correctly you were not even given time to have a nap or a shower, you were rushed straight to the hotel to conduct your interview right?

LS: That is one hundred percent correct. The child that came and picked me up said that there was no time to get my phone, and that we had to rush and go on ahead to the hotel room because we had to shoot. I was exhausted, hadn't gotten any sleep, i just wanted to be able to have a little down time and maybe a shower before doing my interview, little did I know that the reason everything was so rushed was because I would only be there for 5 hours.

ST: Given what you thought you were being interviewed for, in your own words, how do you feel the interview went?

LS: It felt completely staged. He kept saying, don't say it like this, say it like this.... Don't look that way, look this way... And he made me say something about Child USA, I only just remembered this so your getting a little scoop here, he made me say something about Child USA and I couldn't remember what is was but it took I don't know how many takes, I mean I am not an actor, I can't run lines, but that is exactly what it seemed like. He also sat down in the chair next to me and was like, I wasn't going to reveal this on camera... And he starts going through his phone and he starts showing me emails supposedly from Judy about the person,  who I am not going to say his name, but they said that he raped Corey Haim and he did this on camera so that I would cry. I could just tell and he was like, great, great you got it, it was like he didn't even care.

ST: So what did he ask you to say about Child USA, can you remember?

LS: It was something about, isn't it wonderful how he was the ambassador for Child USA and how he was trying to get the laws changed.

ST: So you were left feeling like he was coaching your answer's?

LS: I am not joking at all and I am not trying to be a bitch but that is really what he did, I mean I am serious I am not lying. Hook me up to a detector.

ST: You had already made reference to the fact you had been told that you would be in LA for a week but that you had spent 5 hours with him for the interview and were told that you were booked on a flight to go home at 9am the following morning. In your own words, can you tell me what was going through your mind at the time?

LS: This sounds really fantastical, but the only way I can describe it is the word whirlwind because it was like, okay the kid comes and picks me up, I go into this tiny little room, then I find out, I think I am going to be able to ya know, have a few down days, hang out with him, hang out with Sammi, and then I find out that I had to leave and I only ended up being there for 5 hours. Initially he had told me that I would be out there for a week, and Sammi and I had made plans to hang out, well that never came to fruition, she was supposedly sick when I was there. The only thing that Feldman gave me that was any good was a cold can of coke. I mean the rest of the time it was manipulation to make me cry. I think I cried more than I did anything else. I cried, I got mad, because everything he was, everything he was saying was so horrible. I mean if this comes out, and the things he was saying and the way he said them, the way he said the things to me, if they come out that way he is gonna look awful. So I'm pretty much expecting for my part to be all cut up and reworded out of context and lord only knows. So that is why I've come out because I know that he is a liar, I know he is gonna tamper with it to benefit his own narrative and that is not what I signed up for.

ST: Though I cant say I am shocked at his behaviour, I can understand this would have been a difficult time for you. I feel that he may have jumped at the chance to talk to you considering things that had happened at that time, and I have no doubt in my mind that he played the situation to his advantage. Looking back at everything that has come to light in the last 8 months, what are your feelings now about him and the documentary as a whole?

LS: I feel about him that he... He is not a good person I don't think and I don't know if it is because he was taught to be that way, I feel like he is hiding something, or there is a very very dark side to him that no one has seen before. Like we have caught a tiny bit of it from that voice message to one of the angels, but I feel like there is more and that he is a lot darker than we actually think, and I don't feel good. I don't feel good about anything that happened there because his behaviour I have seen since just leads to the fact that, I mean its just everything leading up to this has been why did you do it Lynn? And I think it is because he played on my love for Haim, and he just jumped on it because I was mad at Judy at that time and so he just stepped in and took over and I think I just became stupid.

ST: Would it be a fair assumption to say that Feldman was looking for people to appear in this documentary that would help him throw shade at Judy Haim, and that given events that had happened prior to you meeting him, he believed you would be one of his star witnesses?

LS: Yes. One hundred percent that is what the documentary is meant to do, or was meant to do, it was meant to destroy Judy, period. It was meant to bring her out and say she has been covering up things that happened to Corey. Because I had just done the F you video I was supposed to be his what ever but I can't, he is sick.

ST: Okay, I wont keep you much longer, and I appreciate you talking to me today, if you can put it in to words, what are your thoughts on the validity of the documentary and the message he is attempting to put out there?

LS: I don't think there is any validity, as far as I can tell there is no truth that he is putting out there, he hasn't witnessed anything, he has emails! Yeah OK emails are admissible in a court of law but emails can also be faked. He didn't show me anything that was positive proof of anything that Judy has ever done and that is exactly what the whole thing turned into, it was a hate Judy thing and when I was there everything was about Judy. When he was done he threw me away and put me back on a plane and that is basically how I felt, I felt dirty I'm not gonna lie, and I could not wait to get home.

ST: Wow, okay last question, is there anything that you would like to say or add?

LS: The only thing that I would want to add is that he is not using people's money for what he says he is using it for. Don't give that man any money, don't give him your time, don't give him your faith because you are going to be completely disappointed. I haven't heard from him since last October. I have tried to get out of this already and Sammi cussed me out. I didn't get a voice mail as bad as one of the angels, but I didn't get a good message either. I dunno everything about it felt and feels wrong and I don't want to be associated with him at all, ever. I want this whole Corey period in my life to be over. It has been 2 years now, so I am so completely done. I just wanna apologize to everybody, I mean absolutely everybody that has had anything to do with this and had anything to do with me, I am sorry.

Trying to stay on the side of impartial and printing this as facts, I will just close this with a final note. Popular opinion amongst those that have spent months speaking out against Feldman is that Feldman will find a weakness in the person he is speaking to. He will take that weakness, twist it and play it to his advantage with little care or regard to the out come for that person. The only people that you will see speaking out for him in my opinion are either vulnerable or people that have been manipulated by him into thinking he is trying to do the right thing. While I cannot offer you any real insight into the documentary as a whole, and I cannot provide anyone with information as to when it is being released, I can give you this advice. Anyone that is interested in actually watching this documentary, I urge you all to do so with an open mind. The picture that is slowly coming together with bits that we are doing, is starting to show that Feldman has 1 agenda in all of this, and that isn't to honour his best friends memory. It is to deal a final blow to Corey Haim's mother Judy and to paint a picture of a bad mother who turned her back on her son in his time of need. While for now you can only take my word for that, I would just like to say from my own research, and countless hours speaking to people that know the truth, anything that Feldman has to say in this documentary couldn't be further from the truth. To quote an article that I recently found,

Corey can only hold the attention of any room when he is talking about abuse that happened to him 30 years ago...

In my opinion, he can't even do that any more. People started to lose faith in him after he named his abuser's on national TV and was still asking for money for security. I would like to change that quote and make one of my own...

Corey Feldman can only hold the attention of any room when he is talking about the late, beautiful Corey Haim. 

A Mother's Never Ending Heartbreak



  It would be completely irresponsible to put together a website about Corey Feldman without taking some time to pay tribute to the one lady who has been attacked, slated and dragged down the most over the last 8 years. Since she lost her beloved son, the way Feldman and his fans, some parents themselves i might add, have treated Judy Haim is quite frankly disgusting. No mother ever wants to think about burying their own child. Judy Haim was not only dealt that heartbreak, but it was delivered in a very public setting due to her child's rise to fame. In every interview that she has done since The Truth Campaign was launched, all you ever hear her say is that she wants her son to be left to rest in peace, yet at every opportunity Feldman is looking for ways to stick the boot in. During my investigation i came across a blog that i think sum's it up entirely. Some interviews will follow shortly.   

The Blog

The AJ Benza Interview

  On January 31st 2018 Judy Haim and Corey Haim's best friend Greg Harrison appeared on the popular internet show Fame Is A Bitch, hosted by AJ Benza. Click the link below, approximately 29 minutes in and hear the heartbreaking truth of what this grieving mother has had to endure.  

Talking Out Both Sides Of The Mouth

The Nancy Grace Interview

 Click the link below, from approximately 35:20 to hear hard hitting crime journalist Nancy Grace speak directly to Judy. Pay close attention to Mrs Grace reactions to statements made by Judy. Feldman brushed off every offer of an interview with Nancy Grace and refused to publicly comment.  

The Nancy Grace Interview

Corey Haim In His Own Words



It should be pretty clear to everyone by now that Feldman is claiming to be on a mission to tell his best friends story. He wants the world to believe that he and the late Corey Haim were as close as brothers and Feldman will find any and every reason to trash talk Corey's mother Judy. There are still people to this day that will not believe Judy when she speaks. Feldman continues to make the ridiculous claim that Corey and Judy were not close, that he was the one who was there in Corey's time of need, that Judy turned her back on her son. Sadly, we are unable to have Corey set the record straight, but what we can do is look back on interviews he may have done over the years and show in his own words how he felt about things while he was still here. This section is Corey in his own words. If you cannot believe a mother who adored and misses her son every day, believe the only other person who WILL corroborate the things Judy has said. 

Corey Haim On Feldman

You Are Detrimental To My Heath

Let us kick this off with what i think is the most important video clip of all. Feldman, the only best friend of Corey's, who is now trying to tell his story was confronted in the second season of the 2 Corey's. This entire scene which is NOT scripted, show's just how vindictive Feldman truly is. Unaware of the confrontation he has about to receive, Feldman sits there with a cocky grin on his face, until Corey hits him with the hard TRUTH. Feldman had been friends with the person that messed around with Corey which carried on until the day this person died in 2018. Listen to Feldman's reaction.... I could destroy you right now!! Who say's something like that to not only a person you claim is your best friend, but to someone who has clearly struggled with things that has happened to them. Corey clearly states in this clip that he cannot be friends with Feldman anymore, that Feldman was detrimental to his health. This entire video clip speaks volumes as to how Corey felt about Feldman talking about him. I find it hard to believe he would ask Feldman to tell a story that he himself didn't want to talk about.  

The Infamous 2 Corey's Scene

They Won't Both Be In Th Same Room For An Interview...

On August 4th 2008 both Corey and Feldman were sat in completely different area's and gave this interview which come after the 2 Corey's had finished. Check out What Corey had to say in his own words. Sound like best friends to you? 

Also note how Feldman makes a point of saying that the abuse was something not to be talked about publicly, how its meant to be very private... Well we all know the reason as to why that was.

People Magazine 2008

The Campaigns


Corey's Truth Campaign Prt 1

  October 21st 2017 seen the launch of Corey's Truth Campaign. After having his tour bus pulled over by police in Louisiana, resulting in felony drug charges against Feldman's wife, girlfriend and other band members. The following day would see Feldman almost being killed by 2 monster trucks, and it was then he received divine intervention and was sent a message from god. The message was clear, stop wasting your time singing, and walk the path of truth. The indiegogo fund raiser was created and the scam of the century was born. 

Find out more

Corey's Truth Campaign Prt 2

 January 2018 was the time Feldman introduced part 2 of the truth campaign.  Having raised $273,151 the first time around, he decided to give his fans and followers another chance to throw money at him. I am sure he thought he was onto a sure thing, i mean Christmas was out of the way by then, he had given people the chance to earn a full months wage, there was no reason not to hit his target this time around right?? This indiegogo campaign closed after 30 days, putting another $6,185 in Feldman's pocket.  

Indiegogo Prt 2

Go Fund Me

  Around the time Feldman launched the second part to the campaign, he had the bright idea to break down the fund raising into 2 separate ventures. The idea became that his followers now had a choice. They could either donate and contribute towards his film, or they could donate to his new site Go Fund Me and contribute towards his security costs. It was stated by Feldman himself at the time that Go Fund Me was chosen as he would be able to access the money a lot faster than he could indiegogo, which would enable him to start work on the film quicker. It did not take long for him to announce that he had received enough donations to be able to afford security for the first year, so he turned his focus on to looking for investors. Despite recently posting that he is no longer in fear for his life and that god is his security, the Go Fund Me page remains open and is still taking donations.   

Go Fund Me

Corey's Angels

Corey's Angels Were Created



Corey Feldman explains Corey's angels; ''They don't have to sleep with me'' 

Feldman made no secret of the fact that he had spent a lot of time at the playboy mansion over the years. I am having to guess at this as i cannot find any reference prior to this, but i believe he struck up a friendship with Hugh Hefner not long after Feldman's second wife had landed a photo shoot with the prolific magazine.  2016 saw him launch a new brand (No, that is not a typo) called Corey's angels. The events that transpired over the next few months would blow the lid off a lifestyle Feldman did not want the world to be made aware of.

Corey Feldman Explains The Concept Of The Angels

Corey's Angels Organization



Corey's angels is a talent/Entertainment company. We help empower women to be the best that they can be. This  agreement is based on, but not limited to, the following provisions. 

*Angels must be beautiful, inside and out

*Angels must discover and nurture a talent

*Angels must workout to maintain their weight

*Angels must adhere to a meat free diet

*Angels must not drink alcohol

*Angels must help keep the home and office clean

*Angels must be coach-able and teachable 

*Angels must be open to change and willing to learn

*Honesty and integrity are a must (Lying will NOT be tolerated) 

Anger Issues



Click the link below to hear the voicemail that Feldman left for one of the angels that quit the band mid tour. 


The Voice Mail

Meghan Kelly Interview


Welcome to the very first interview Feldman did days after his monster truck incident. Host Meghan Kelly did not pull any punches in the interview, she has Feldman on the ropes a few times. Pay particular attention to the following time stamps, then be free to make up your own mind.

4:47- 6:50 





Introducing Bobby Wolfe

Meet The Big Bad Wolfe


  One of the loudest voices in exposing Mr Feldman is no other than Bobby Wolfe. Offering those a platform to tell their stories when maybe others wouldn't listen, Bobby quickly became the person to talk to in regards to Feldman.  

Bobby's Channel

Given A Voice

Jackie Von Rueden


 June 28th 2018 Bobby Wolfe published the interview that would see some of even the most loyal Feldman followers stop in their tracks and question everything that they thought they knew. In a powerful interview that gives extreme insight into life within the Angels band under the direction of Feldman, Jackie paints a grim picture for what she and the other ladies had to endure. I am proud to support this lady.  

The Interview

Margot Lane


 Margot Lane was the the first of Feldman's ex angel's to come forward  and go on camera to do an expose all interview with Bobby Wolfe. Listen as she talks openly and candidly about hr very on experiences on tour with Feldman.  

The Interview

Kim Sterne


 As one of the most vocal Feldman supporters, Kim formed an easy friendship with Feldman from pretty much the start of the truth campaign. The level that friendship went to wasn't known to the public until month's later when things took a sinister turn behind the scene's and Feldman had spoken to her about setting up a sting to trap convicted pedophile John Grissom and had actually asked her to find a good looking kid to go hang around outside Grissom's place of residence. Disturbed by this, Kim denounced any support of Feldman, and started to do more research into everything that had happened, which lead to her wanting to share her story.  

The Interview

The Documentary


The Rape Of 2 Corey's


October 21st 2018 Corey Feldman signed into his fan crater site and announced the title to his long awaited documentary. To say it upset a few people is quite the understatement. Truth, the Rape Of The 2 Corey's was a title that once initial anger had died down, it left people feeling baffled. It is well documented in countless videos and interviews, even in Feldman's own book that he was a victim of abuse, but was never a victim of rape. It was not until after he faced the backlash for using such tactless words that he went on to do an interview in which he back peddled and said that he had been emotionally raped while his best friend was physically raped.  

He now tells the world at every opportunity that Corey Haim had once said to him, Should anything happen to me and i die before you, i want you to promise to tell my story, make sure the world knows what happened to me and make sure that the person responsible pays. 

All sounds so noble doesn't it. Watch any recent interview that Feldman has done and you would be forgiven for actually believing he is genuine. He expects everyone to take what he says at face value, he will play up to the fact that your first thought is going to be, why would he lie? And he will charm you and pull at your heartstrings. Its all one big lie... 

He only started to focus on Corey Haim's story when he realized he was not going to reach even close to the $10,000,000 target he had set. Donations picked up again slightly when he started to allude to the fact there was something bigger he was hiding. Prior to that the story was that he could never tell what had happened to his friend as it was not his story to tell, how it was only hear say and didn't have the proof to back up what he knew... How have we now come to the point that he claims to have a completed documentary ready for release that exposes the name of the person allegedly responsible for raping his best friend? Stay tuned, proof and evidence about all of the above will be added through out the day  

Dominick Brascia

  The name Dominick Brascia became world known in 2017 when he sold a story to the National Enquirer claiming that Charlie Sheen had abused/raped a 13 year old Corey Haim on the set of the film Lucas. The story was only live a matter of hours before Sheen filed a law suit against the National Enquirer ( https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/charlie-sheen-sues-national-enquirer-defamation-corey-haim-allegation-1065980intending )to sue them for defamation. Multiple people have spoken out in defense of Sheen stating for a fact that he never touched Haim inappropriately. It did seem that once Sheen started to fight back against the allegations, Dominick went back into obscurity and never spoke out about it again, the link below maybe a clue as to why  

The Real Dominick Brascia

Alphy Hoffman


“He was the guy who ran Alphy’s Soda Pop Club, I met him when I was 12 years old. He came to my house to pick me up in his car. I’d heard rumors he threw the coolest parties in town and he was well connected.''

“The first few times I went it was fairly innocent,” 

''These parties slowly became more nefarious and “where I met the guy that ended up molesting [Corey] Haim...there was a bunch of these guys hanging out at these parties. There weren’t a lot of parents at these parties. There weren’t a lot of parents there because Alphy would pick them up and he became friends with all these kids.” 

Hoffman ran Alphy’s Soda Pop Club in Hollywood from 1986 to 1989. It was an exclusive, private club for under-16s working in film and television. The kids would have access to a dancefloor and free-flowing soda. He became the third person to be named by Corey Feldman shortly after he launched The Truth Campaign. To date Alphy has never made comment on the allegations made against him. 

Naming Alphy Hoffman

John Grissom


John Grissom would be the first person to be named by Corey Feldman as one of his alleged abusers. Appearing on the doctor Oz show shortly after The Truth Campaign was launched Feldman was shown a picture of someone and was directly asked if that was one of his abusers. In emotional scenes that deserved an Oscar, Feldman went on to confirm that it in fact was his abuser and proceeded to name John Grissom. 

According to his 2013 book Coreyography, Grissom worked as Feldman's assistant and was the first of many to take advantage of him. After becoming emancipated from his parents at age 15, Grissom became court appointed legal guardian of Feldman, who it is also alleged to have been the person that introduced Feldman to drugs. 

During his appearance on Dr Oz, Feldman got in touch with the LAPD to see if he was able to file charges. He claimed to know that Grissom was based in Mexico but was not sure where. After the show it was announced that the LAPD would open an investigation into Feldman's claims, but the case file was closed 2 days later. In between appearances on the show, Corey Feldman would reach out to a loyal supporter asking for help. He would tell this lady that a fan had sent him the email, Skype name and place of residence for Grissom and that he believed the only way to catch Grisom would be to set up and sting. He wanted this lady to procure a 'good looking kid' to go hang around outside Grissom's residence and trap him. In his message to the lady, Feldman would not only state that Grissom was in Canada, but he would also state what province he lives in to. I will let you be the judge of just how evil that is but he would later go on to claim that the idea was that of Dr Oz. Check out the episode for yourself to see exactly what Dr Oz said

Naming John Grissom

Marty Weiss


The stories surrounding what happened between Feldman and Weiss are conflicting at best. The only consistent thing that Feldman has said is that he was able to name Weiss in his book and following interviews due to the fact that Weiss had already been convicted and outed publicly. 

The story that Feldman spins is that one day in a hotel room while learning lines for The Lost Boys, he had jokingly told Haim to hook up with Weiss in order to get Haim to stop hitting on him. In his own words in his book, he says that his stomach flip flopped and he felt sick as they walked single file into the next room. It is not entirely clear what Feldman did in the minutes following that door to the other room closing, but what is clear is that not once did he ever claim to call the police. 

If we are to believe what Feldman himself has written and published, and we are to take everything as the truth, what does the above tell you about the kind of person that he is? If he was so disgusted by the fact that Weiss had allegedly raped his best friend, why did Feldman years later get up on stage at the Young Artist Awards and include Weiss in his thank you speech? Why did he make direct eye contact with Weiss in the audience and give him such a warm smile? Feldman could almost be forgiven for not telling anyone about what happened in that hotel room that day, he was no more than a child himself, but what could be the excuse for that night at the award show? Feldman was an adult at that event, old enough to now the difference between right and wrong, so why get on that stage and be so thankful to a man that is a monster in your eyes? Why pose for photos with your at the time wife and the man you claim to have hurt your best friend in the worst possible way and look completely relaxed and comfortable. How does the ambassador of a child sex abuse charity justify that? By creating the next distraction and throwing someone else name into the mix, that is how.

When contacted recently for a comment, this is what Weiss had to say

''Corey Feldman has turned victimization into a self-serving mockery. He has used my name as a gimmick to shame the more popular/talented/successful Corey Haim, verbally take advantage of a mother dealing with cancer while grieving the loss of her son, raise money for his own selfish purposes under the guise of exposing victimization, and attempt a return to prominence. Does he realize that his own on-camera comments negate his accusations against me? It’s time for Corey Feldman to accept accountability for all the harm he has caused and seek intervention to save himself from hurting anyone else.'' 

Feldman Thanks Weiss

Introducing Kim Sterne

Meet Kim



Kim is someone that i came to know through support of Feldman back in October 2017. While we both had a huge passion and drive to help get the truth campaign the attention we believed it needed, Kim went above and beyond for him and ended up striking up an easy friendship with him. She would quickly take on the roll of go to person when Feldman had a problem and while between us we would be his damage control, as would be revealed many months later, Feldman was starting to push his boundaries in what he was asking Kim to do. 

It didn't take long for Kim to realise things were not adding up and she denounced her support and started doing some investigating. What was once a great ally for Feldman soon became one of his biggest detractors. Click the link below and check out her YouTube channel. Like others that have spoken out against him, her story should be heard. 

Kim Rocks

Ménage à trois

Angel Courtney, The Wife


 Courtney Ann Feldman, was Mitchell, is a 30 year old model from Vancouver, Canada. She is wife number 3 to Feldman. The couple met through Courtney working on various music videos which lead to her appearing in a number of his music videos and later becoming the keyboard player/manager for Feldman's band The Truth Movement. The couple apparently dated for 4 years before deciding to get married at  Elton John’s Fizz champagne lounge at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. While some would see the romance in such an occasion, both Feldman and Courtney would appear on a Facebook live video shortly after the wedding announcing to the world the reason behind the wedding was to ensure Courtney remained in America, as they feard the Trump administration would see her deported back to her native Canada once her work visa ran out. Courtney was involved in the infamous tour that has seen several ex employee's of Feldman's speak out about the conditions they suffered under his management. She was also one of the people who was arrested in Louisiana in 2017 when the tour bus they were travelling on was pulled over by local police. Courtney  was booked on charges of a possession of a controlled dangerous substance, and was supposed to report back to Richland parish court to stand trial. After the case was continued several times, all charges were mysteriously dropped leaving only Darci Carpenter to stand trail this coming February.   

One Of The Facebook Lives

Angel Darci, The Girlfriend



Not much is publicly known about Darci Carpenter other than she happens to be the third in a polyamorous relationship with Feldman and wife Courtney. She hasn't been vocal at all in her support for lover boy, and on the one occasion she actually did make a video speaking up for him, it was deleted off YouTube within hours. She came under mass scrutiny due to the fact she looked terrified in that video and it was very clear that she was reading from Q cards from beginning to end. She had claimed that the video mysteriously vanished off YouTube and that she would have another one posted within days... That video never got made. 

Darci was also involved in the arrest in Louisiana and was booked on charges of possession of a schedule III controlled dangerous substance and possession of marijuana. She faces trail this coming February. Will Feldman be there to support her? That remains to be seen.    

Since this was published, Darci Carpenter's case was continued until April 3rd 2019

A Catalogue Of Lies

Detail your services


 Charisse Van Horn became vocal in her support for Feldman pretty much right from the launch of the Truth Campaign. As a journalist for onlline gossip rag Celebrity insider, she would soon become the journalist in Feldman's pocket. Multiple stories would end up being published on the site before Ms Van Horn would jump ship and turn against Feldman in spectacular fashion.   

The Rape Foundation announcement

Not Donating To The Rape Foundation


 Celebrity Insider was again the one to break the story about Feldman joining forces with Child USA and explains why he changed his mind about donating to the Rape Foundation. I have to add as a side note, at least 90% of the articles written for this online site were not published without consent from Feldman himself. He always had final say on anything that got printed. This along with The Blast are the only news outlets that will print stories about Feldman in a positive light.  

Why Feldman Switched Charities

Sun Dance Film Festival 2018


 Almost a year ago to the day, Feldman and wife Courtney took off from social media for 2 weeks after announcing to his followers that he was off to the Sun Dance festival in order to find investors for Coreyography, The Movie. His followers waited the entire time praying he would come back with some good news and that filming could eventually get started. It was not widely known at the time that Feldman had already worked on a film about the abuse he suffered as a child. LifeTime had made a film called A Tale Of 2 Corey's which would see Feldman heavily involved in script writing and producing. It was another article written for Celebrity Insider that revealed the real reason Feldman went to Sun Dance. Click the link below and see for yourself.   

A Film Festival Or Skiing

Sun Dance Film Festival 2019


 The last weekend in January can only mean one thing... The start of the Sundance Film Festival. While all the world can talk about is the Leaving Neverland documentary, Feldman announces on twitter that he is attending this year with a rough copy of his own documentary looking for distributors. Feldman really does have a way of riding on his friends coat tails doesn't he? Keep your eyes peeled for more on this, some exciting stuff coming soon!! 

Looking For Distributors

Child USA Ambassador

An Introduction To Child USA


 At CHILD USA we investigate, impact, and inform the laws in America that should protect our children and their civil liberties to keep them safe from abuse.  Millions of children's civil rights are violated every single day in the United States, and the child abuse statutes of limitation protect those abusers. CHILD USA’s mission is to prevent child abuse and neglect and to help kids stay kids. #SoKidsStayKids   

About Child USA

Ambassador Feldman



When Feldman launched his truth campaign, he made a pledge that he would take a portion of the total money raised and would donate it to a charity, (That same story would surface again 15 months later when Feldman decided to charge his fans $122 for personalised videos from him). I am unsure how it came about, but right around Christmas 2017 he announced that the charity he was going to be donating money to would be The Rape Foundation. It did not take long for someone to look into this and ask questions, and after contacting The Rape Foundation it was discovered that they had no affiliation with Feldman and were completely unaware of him using their name in order to gain more donations. They even went as far as to write a letter stating they had no knowledge of his intent to make a donation to them. 

Shortly after, Feldman posted a tweet stating that he had found a new charity to align himself with, and made the announcement that he had been made ambassador for the non profit think tank Child USA.

Ambassador Feldman

An Over Used Platform



In December 2017 Feldman made another appearance on the Dr Oz show. Having previously appeared on the show twice prior to this episode, Feldman was joined on the show this time along side Attorney Marci Hamilton, CEO of think tank Child USA and legal analyst Beth Karas to talk about the legal culture that silences victims, and to discuss why he believes the Santa Barbra police department didn't investigate John Grissom when he named him in 1993. 

There are multiple contradictions as far as that police interview is concerned, all of which will be discussed in great detail in due course. For now i want to show how the partnership with Child USA came about.

Corey Feldman Vindicated??

The Lie At The Senate Steps


  In March of 2018 Feldman joined his fellow ambassador's and Marci Hamilton at a rally in Albany, New York State. The idea was to meet with the senators and try to get them to pass the child victims act. Bringing the child victims act into law in New York would be a huge turning point for victims of child sex abuse as it would enable them to come forward and report an abuser even after the statute of limitations has passed. This was the perfect chance for Feldman to do some good. He had the whole of America watching, he had a huge platform from which he could have really made a difference. In classic Feldman style though, it quickly became the Corey show and as he took centre stage to make his speech, what would come out of his mouth left a lot people angry. This would not be the first time that Feldman would speak in public about his best friend being abused, but it was the first time that he came right out and said that Corey Haim had committed suicide due the alleged abuse he had gone through as a child. With a very public autopsy report that states Haim's cause of death as pneumonia and complications from an enlarged heart, i find it disgusting how Ms Hamilton and her organisation as a whole can still endorse Feldman when he has publicly shown that he is a compulsive liar.    

The Biggest Lie Of All

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